Radeon ProRender


Build input for the scene.

Scene consists of a set of instances. Each of the instances is defined by:

  • Root pointer of the corresponding geometry
  • Transformation matrix
  • Mask

Instances can refer to the same geometry, but with different transformation matrices (essentially implementing instancing). Mask is used to implement ray masking: ray mask is bitwise &ded with an instance mask and no intersections are evaluated with the primitive of corresponding instance if the result is 0.

Name Type Description
instanceGeometries hiprtDevicePtr Array of instanceCount pointers to geometries.
instanceTransformHeaders hiprtDevicePtr Array of instanceCount transform headers (optional: per object frame assumed if NULL).
instanceFrames hiprtDevicePtr Array of frameCount frames (supposed to be ordered according to time).
instanceMasks hiprtDevicePtr Per object bit masks for instance masking (optional: if NULL masks treated as 0xFFFFFFFF).
nodes hiprtBvhNodeList* Custom Bvh nodes (optional).
instanceCount uint32_t Number of instances.
frameCount uint32_t Number of frames (such that instanceCount <= frameCount).