Radeon ProRender

RIF Data Types

RIF API data types are redefined from standard C types. All data types have the rif_ prefix.

Basic Data Types

The following table lists RIF basic data types.

RIF Type C Type
rif_char char
rif_uchar unsigned char
rif_int int
rif_uint unsigned int
rif_long long int
rif_ulong long unsigned int
rif_short short int
rif_ushort short unsigned int
rif_float float
rif_double double
rif_longlong long long int
rif_bool int
rif_bitfield rif_uint

Pointer Data Types

These data types point to RIF data classes.

Pointer Data Type C Type Description
rif_command_queue void Command queue object. Can be an OpenCL command queue for interop.
rif_context void RIF context.
rif_image void RIF image object.
rif_image_filter void RIF filter object.