Radeon ProRender

RIF Tracing

You can instruct RIF to generate trace files for debugging purposes. The tracing will record all RIF commands with a memory dump of the data used.

By default, RIF tracing is disabled. To enable it:

  1. Add the environment variable RIF_TRACING_ENABLED and set its value to 1.

  2. When tracing is enabled, the trace files are recorded by default in the following directory depending on the OS:

    • C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local for Windows
    • /home/<user> for Linux or macOS

    To change the default directory, add the environment variable RIF_TRACING_PATH pointing to the location in which you wish the trace files to be recorded. For example, set RIF_TRACING_PATH = C:\folder\ to activate the tracing in C:\folder\.

RIF tracing generates the following trace files:

  • common.h
  • functions.h
  • image_N.exr
  • main.cpp
  • play_N.cpp
  • playlist.h
  • variables.h

To disable tracing, set the environment variable RIF_TRACING_ENABLED value to 0 or delete the variable.