Radeon ProRender


Builds or updates a geometry.

Given geometry description from the client, this function builds hiprtGeometry representing acceleration structure topology (in case of a build) or updates acceleration structure keeping topology intact (update).

hiprtError hiprtBuildGeometry( hiprtContext context,
  hiprtBuildOperation buildOperation,
  const hiprtGeometryBuildInput* buildInput,
  const hiprtBuildOptions* buildOptions,
  hiprtDevicePtr temporaryBuffer,
  hiprtApiStream stream,
  hiprtGeometry outGeometry);


Parameter Description
context HIPRT API context.
buildOperation Type of build operation.
buildInput Describes input primitive to build geometry from.
buildOptions Various flags controlling build process.
temporaryBuffer Temporary buffer for build operation.
stream Stream to run acceleration structure build command.
outGeometry Resulting geometry.


Returns HIPRT error in case of a failure, or hiprtSuccess otherwise.