Radeon ProRender


Gets program instance with HIPRT routines.

hiprtError hiprtBuildTraceProgram( hiprtContext context,
  const char* functionName,
  const char* src,
  const char* name,
  int numHeaders,
  const char** headers,
  const char** includeNames,
  const char** options,
  int nOptions,
  void* progOut);


Parameter Description
context HIPRT API context.
functionName Function to which handle will be returned, cannot be NULL.
src HIP program source.
name Program source filename.
numHeaders Number of headers, numHeaders must be greater than or equal to 0.
headers Sources of the headers, headers can be NULL when numHeaders is 0.
includeNames Name of each header by which they can be included in the HIP program source, includeNames can be NULL when numHeaders is 0.
options Compiler options, can be NULL.
nOptions Number of compiler options to insert in array options.
progOut Output build program instance.


Returns HIPRT error in case of a failure, or hiprtSuccess otherwise.