RPR for Houdini

AMD Radeon ProRender for Houdini is a free rendering plug-in for your design and animation needs in Houdini. Using accurate ray-tracing technology, AMD RPR can produce stunning images and animations of your scenes while providing real-time interactive rendering and continuous adjustment of effects to create the perfect rendered image.

Supporting real-time changes to the scene, AMD Radeon ProRender allows you to preview the changes you have applied to the object in the Viewport before the final render. AMD RPR integrated with SideFX Houdini provides an organic combination of a procedural software and a fast renderer, which gives you extra convenience and additional advantages. Houdini enables you to create and refine entire systems that can do anything you want in 3D. Every action, all the way to RPR rendered images, is stored in a node in Houdini, and the nodes used in a work session can be connected into networks that describe the steps to accomplish a task, and can save and pass the relevant information, in the form of attributes, down the chain. As a result, a system is built that allows you to randomly swap out parts and pieces while generating new variants of your rendered images with a few clicks. You can learn more about Houdini from the following resources: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/.

This user manual describes how to use and set up AMD Radeon ProRender for Houdini from the installation to the final save of the rendered image.