Radeon ProRender


These materials are available out of the box in the AMD Radeon ProRender material library.

Use the tags below to filter the materials.


Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Glossy

Carbon Fiber Glossy Coat

Carbon Fiber Semi Glossy

Fiber Glass


Concrete Brick Cracks Grey

Concrete Painted Cracks

Concrete Painted Rough

Concrete Stone

Concrete Tiles

Concrete Worn Bare

Concrete Worn Bare Smooth Bump


Emissive Cool Light

Emissive Fluorescent Cyan

Emissive Fluorescent Magenta

Emissive Fluorescent White

Emissive Fluorescent Yellow


Fabric Matte Solid Beige

Fabric Matte Solid Red

Fabric Matte Transparent Beige

Fabric Matte Transparent Red

Fabric Silk


Fur Carpet Displacement


Glass Antique

Glass Car Break Light

Glass Car Head Light

Glass Car Indicator Light

Glass Clear Window

Glass Solid Blue

Glass Solid Brown

Glass Solid Clear

Glass Solid Clear Scratched

Glass Solid Frosted

Glass Solid Green

Glass Solid Green Blue

Glass Solid Green Blue Scratched

Glass Solid Red

Glass Solid Tinted

Glass Solid Yellow

Glass Thin Bronze

Glass Thin Green

Glass Tinted Dark

Glass Used



Ground Dark

Ground Dark Displacement

Ground Grass

Ground Grass Cut Displacement

Ground Grass Displacement


Jewels Diamond

Jewels Emerald

Jewels Ruby


Leather Beige

Leather Black

Leather Brown


Liquids Alcohol Champagne

Water Transparent

Water Transparent Bump

Water Transparent Displacement


Aluminium Brushed

Aluminium Cast

Aluminium Corrugated

Aluminium Matte

Brass Brushed

Brass Polished

Brass Satin

Cast Iron


Copper Brushed

Copper Polished

Copper Satin

Galvanized Steel

Gun Metal


Metal Plate

Rust Metal

Strainless Steel

Stainless Steel Brushed

Extended Metals

Aluminium Anodized

Aluminium Directional

Aluminium Oxidiazed

Aluminium Polished

Aluminium Sand Blasted

Brass Matte

Brass Cartridge

Brass Oxidized

Brass Patinated

Brass Standard

Bronze Corrision

Bronze Matte

Bronze Oxidized

Bronze Polished 2

Bronze Rough

Chrome Dusty

Chrome Matte

Chrome Sandblasted

Chrome Scratched

Copper Brushed 2

Copper Dented

Copper Old

Copper Wrought



Gold Foil Rough

Gold Paint

Gold Paint Cracked

Gold Rough

Iron Hammered

Iron Oxidized

Iron Rugged

Iron Smooth

Iron Worn

Lead Rough

Lead Rusted

Lead Sandblasted

Lead Smooth

Steel Blue

Steel Galvanized

Steel Oxidized

Steel Smooth

Steel Worn

Precious Metals

Bronze Brushed

Bronze Polished

Bronze Satin

Gold Brushed

Gold Polished

Gold Satin

Silver Brushed

Silver Polished

Silver Satin


Paint Egg Shell Laser Lemon

Paint Egg Shell Sleek White

Paint Egg Shell Sun Valley

Paint Egg Shell Tanzanite

Paint Egg Shell Tart Orange

Paint Egg Shell Tropical Sea

Paint Flat Laser Lemon

Paint Flat Sleek White

Paint Flat Sun Valley

Paint Flat Tanzanite

Paint Flat Tart Orange

Paint Flat Tawny Day Lily

Paint Flat Tropical Sea

Paint Flat Voile Pink

Paint Glossy Laser Lemon

Paint Glossy Sleek White

Paint Glossy Sun Valley

Paint Glossy Tanzanite

Paint Glossy Tart Orange

Paint Glossy Tropical Sea

Car Paint

Barn Find Orange Solid

Basket Case Blue Solid

Beach Bum Aqua Metallic

Blue Bayou Solid

Boulevard Black Solid

Burn Out Blue Metallic

Candy Pants Violet Metallic

Car Paint Metallic

Car Paint Pearlescent

Car Paint Solid

Champagne Metallic

Cherry Gumball Solid

Chop Top Silver Metallic

Cruise Night Blue Metallic

Deserted Tan Flat

Eastwood Blue Pearl Pearlescent

Eastwood Royal Blue Metallic

Electric Yellow Solid

Euro Racing Green Metallic

Eye Candy Green Solid

Gasser Green Pearlescent

Huggin Orange Solid

Lime Squeezin Green Solid

Malibu Sunset Orange Pearlescent

Orange U Bad Solid

Pinup Red Solid

Plum Crazy Metallic

ProStreet Red Solid

Pure White Solid

Quarter Mile Candy Red Solid

Rat Rod Black Solid

Reptile Red Solid

Rodz Berry Metallic

Rotten Lime Green Solid

Salt Water Taffy Teal Metallic

Straight Axle Red Pearl Pearlescent

Sugar CoatIt Gold Metallic

Tequila Lime N Gold Solid

Tunnel Ram Gray Metallic

USA Bright White Solid

USA Bright White Flat Solid

Vino Rojo Solid

Metallic Paint

Car Paint Black

Car Paint Bue

Car Paint Dark Grey

Car Paint Ice Silver

Car Paint Indy Yellow

Car Paint Inferno

Car Paint Jasmine Green

Car Paint Lapis Blue

Car Paint Lava Red

Car Paint North Grey

Car Paint Tungsten

Car Paint Venetian Red

Car Paint Vibrant Violet

Car Paint Wilderness Green

Metallic Paint Matte Red

Metallic Paint Red

Metallic Paint Silver

Scratched Metallic Paint Red

Scratched Metallic Paint Yellow


Plastic Glossy Black

Plastic Glossy Red

Plastic Matte Black

Plastic Matte Red

Plastic Matte White


Transparent Plastic

Acrylic Refractive Glossy Green

Acrylic Refractive Glossy Neon Green

Acrylic Refractive Glossy Neon Orange

Acrylic Refractive Glossy Red

Acrylic Refractive Matte Green

Acrylic Refractive Matte Red

Acrylic Transparent Glossy Red

Acrylic Transparent Matte Red

Plastic Transparent Solid Clear Blue

Plastic Transparent Thin Clear Blue


Porcelain Black

Porcelain Blue

Porcelain Cracked White

Porcelain Matte White

Porcelain New White

Porcelain Old White

Porcelain White

Render Stone

Brick Basic V2

Brick Color Displacement

Brick Damage

Brick Irregular

Brick Natural V1

Brick Old V2

Brick Old V3

Stone Cladding

Stone Granit BWB

Stone Marble Blue

Stone Marble Blue Matte

Stone Marble Grey

Stone Marble Pink

Stone Marble Pink Matte

Stone Marble Yellow Matte

Stone Rough Marble

Render Tiles

Floor Ceramic Tiles Checker

Floor Ceramic Tiles Color

Floor Ceramic Tiles Color Variation 8x8

Floor Tiles Rustic Color 4x4

Tiling Beige Marble

Tiling Blue Marble

Tiling Blue Checkered

Tiling Checkered

Tiling Old

Tiling White

Tiling White Marble


Roofing Clay Shingles Beige

Roofing Corrugated Iron

Roofing Red Clay Tiles


Rubber Bumpy

Rubber Diamonds

Rubber Ribbed

Rubber Smooth Matte

Rubber Smooth Matte Black

Rubber Smooth Matte Blue

Rubber Smooth Matte Green

Rubber Smooth Matte Red

Rubber Smooth Shiny

Rubber Smooth Shiny Black

Rubber Smooth Shiny Blue

Rubber Smooth Shiny Green

Rubber Smooth Shiny Red

Rubber Smooth Clear

Rubber Used


Colored Glass





Wood Bark

Wood Beech Glossy

Wood Beech Unfinished

Wood Cedar Glossy

Wood Cedar Unfinished

Wood Clear Rustic

Wood Mahogany Glossy

Wood Mahogany Unfinished

Wood Maple Glossy

Wood Maple Unfinished

Wood Natural Maple

Wood Oak Glossy

Wood Oak Unfinished

Wood Planks Oak Glossy

Wood Planks Oak Unfinished

Wood Rustic

Wood Rustic Cherry

Wood Wenge Glossy

Wood Wenge Unfinished