Radeon ProRender

Command Line Tools

AMD Radeon ProRender SDK provides tools for performing specific tasks from the command line for scripting, development or debugging purposes.


RprsRender64 is a command line utility for rendering scene files in the RPR format. RprsRender64 can be particularly useful for performing batch renders or building a distributed rendering pipeline.


RprsRender64 is located in the SDK bin folder for a respective operating system. For example, for Microsoft Windows, the path is RadeonProRender\binWin64.


To render a scene, use the following command syntax:


RprsRender64.exe input.rpr cfg.json

macOS and Linux

RprsRender64 input.rpr cfg.json

The command takes the following options:

  • input.rpr is a dump of AMD Radeon ProRender’s memory of scene data, objects, settings, etc. You can export a scene to an RPR file using available AMD Radeon ProRender plug-ins.
  • cfg.json is a configuration file storing render options. Find below an example of the configuration file and description of supported options.

Configuration Example

             "aovs": {

Configuration Options

Option Description
width Width of the output image, in pixels.
height Height of the output image, in pixels.
iterations Number of iterations. Higher iteration values result in less noise.
batchsize Number of iterations per render call.
Use a higher value for better throughput. Use a lower value for more detailed response (more frequent progress report).
radianceclamp Radiance clamp value to avoid firefly.
maxdepth Max ray depth, or the number of times that a ray bounces off a surface to capture reflections. For details, see Render Settings.
maxdepth.diffuse Max ray depth for the diffuse component.
maxdepth.glossy Max ray depth for the glossy component.
maxdepth.refraction Max ray depth for the refraction component.
maxdepth.shadow Max ray depth for shadows.
output Path to the output image file.
Supported image formats are PNG, JPG, TIFF, EXR. For PNG images, gamma correction is applied.
output.json Path to the JSON file storing rendering statistics.
context gpu0 - gpu7 GPU flag.
Set to 1 to enable a GPU. The maximum number of GPU flags is 8 (from 0 to 7).
context threads Number of threads to be used for rendering.
context debug Debug flag.
Set to 1 to enable the debug layer and dump the debug information to the tahoe.log file. The log file will be stored next to the output image.

Set of AOV outputs to produce. AOV files will be stored next to the output image. See the list of supported AOVs.
In the configuration file, use the following keys:

  • ao
  • background
  • color
  • depth
  • diffuse_albedo
  • direct_diffuse
  • direct_illumination
  • direct_reflect
  • emission
  • geometric_normal
  • indirect_diffuse
  • indirect_illumination
  • indirect_reflect
  • light_group0 - light_group3
  • material_idx
  • object_group_id
  • object_id
  • opacity
  • refract
  • shading_normal
  • shadow_catcher
  • uv
  • velocity
  • volume
  • world_coordinate


RprsRender64 produces the following output files:

  • Image file
  • File with rendering statistics
  • Log file (optional)
  • Set of AOV files (optional)