Radeon ProRender


The following is an example of a typical workflow for visibility in RPR Plug-in for Houdini:

  1. Launch Houdini and save new .hip file in the current directory.

  2. Add the Sublayer node.

  3. Set the sublayer path to $HIP/../../../asset/basicScene/generated/scene.usda.

  4. Select the RPR renderer.

  5. Add the Render Geometry Settings node.

  6. Turn on Display in the node.

  7. Set Primitives to /sphereGlass/geo.

  8. Activate Camera Visibility and clear it.

  9. Do the same with Shadow Visibility.

  10. Change Primitives to /shaderBall/geo/mesh_0.

  11. Clear Refraction Visibility - the shaderBall should disappear from refraction in the glass sphere. (refractionVis.png)

You can download the following sample scene to work on.

Download a sample scene (zip)