Radeon ProRender

ACES Filmic Tone Mapping Filter




Applies ACES filmic tone mapping. The image will be pre-exposed and pre-contrasted before tone mapping.


Parameter Type Input/Output Description
exposure float input Input image pre-exposure coefficient.
Value range is [0, 100], default value is 0.
contrast float input Input image pre-contrast coefficient.
Value range is [0, 10], default value is 1.
applyToneMap uint input If set to RIF_FALSE (default), only exposure and contrast adjustment will be performed. If set to RIF_TRUE, filmic tone mapping will be performed.

Usage Example

rif_image_filter filter = nullptr;
rifContextCreateImageFilter(context, RIF_IMAGE_FILTER_FILMIC_TONEMAP, &filter);
rifImageFilterSetParameter1f(filter, "exposure", 0.5f);
rifImageFilterSetParameter1f(filter, "contrast", 0.7f);
rifImageFilterSetParameter1u(filter, "applyToneMap", RIF_TRUE);
rifCommandQueueAttachImageFilter(queue, filter, inputImage, outputImage);
rifContextExecuteCommandQueue(context, queue, nullptr, nullptr, nullptr);