Radeon ProRender

Gaussian Blurring Filter




Gaussian blur (also known as Gaussian smoothing) is the result of blurring an image by a Gaussian function.


Parameter Type Input/Output Description
radius uint input The radius of the region that is used for blurring. For an exact correspondence to the Gaussian blur, the window must be large enough that the Gaussian function falls on the edges of this window at almost 0. The larger the sigma parameter, the larger the window should be.
Value range is [1, 50], default value is 1.
sigma float input Parameter of the decrease of the Gaussian function. The larger the value, the slower the Gaussian function decreases, and the more the blur.
Default value is 1.
tiling uint input Enables use of local memory. Using of the local video memory can increase performance for large radii.
Values are RIF_FALSE (default) and RIF_TRUE.

Usage Example

rif_image_filter filter = nullptr;
rifContextCreateImageFilter(context, RIF_IMAGE_FILTER_GAUSSIAN_BLUR, &filter);
rifImageFilterSetParameter1f(filter, "sigma", 3.0f);
rifImageFilterSetParameter1u(filter, "radius", 5);
rifCommandQueueAttachImageFilter(queue, filter, inputImage, outputImage);
rifContextExecuteCommandQueue(context, queue, nullptr, nullptr, nullptr);


Input image

Output image