Radeon ProRender


AMD Radeon ProRender supports numerous shader nodes to allow artists to build fully functional materials in Unreal Engine. This section provides a description of the supported materials.

UE4 Supported Material Supported in 4.20 Supported in 4.24
UMaterialExpressionAbs Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionAdd Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionAppendVector Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionCameraPositionWS No Yes
UMaterialExpressionClamp Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionClearCoatNormalCustomOutput No Yes
UMaterialExpressionComponentMask Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionConstant Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionConstant2Vector Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionConstant3Vector Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionConstant4Vector Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionCrossProduct Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionDivide Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionDotProduct Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionFunctionInput Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionFunctionInput Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionLinearInterpolate Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionLinearInterpolate Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionMaterialFunctionCall Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionMultiply Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionMultiply Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionNormalize Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionOneMinus Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionPanner Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionPower Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionRotator Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionScalarParameter Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionStaticBool Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionStaticSwitch Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionSubtract Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionTextureCoordinate Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionTextureSample Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionTextureSampleParameter2D Yes Yes
UMaterialExpressionVectorParameter Yes Yes

Result Node

Supported inputs for the Result node are as follows.

Inputs Is supported Notes
Base Color Yes No
Metallic Yes No
Specular Yes No
Roughness Yes No
Emissive Color Yes No
Opacity Yes Unreal Engine flow uses the Linear Interpolation node (Lerp node) for refraction input, where Lerp’s input B is used for IOR. Currently, there is no input for Thin Surface flag, so, for thin surfaces, such as thin glass, we expect the IOR value to be 1 on Lerp’s input B.
Supported Blend modes: Translucent, Additive.
Opacity Mask Yes Supported Blend mode: Masked.
Normal Yes No
World Position Offset No No
World Displacement No No
Tessellation Multiplier No No
Subsurface Color No No
Ambient Occlusion No No
Refraction Yes No
Pixel Depth Offset No No
Shading Model No No
ClearCoat Yes No


Emissive materials have a greater influence on the scene illumination in AMD Radeon ProRender than in the Unreal Engine Viewport. The reason is that RPR takes into account all sources of light (including emissive sources) for the entire scene.