Radeon ProRender


Combines supplied graphs to a single graph connecting outputs and inputs of the specified graphs. So, graphs in different formats (i.e. TF and ONNX) can be combined into single graph.

rml_status rmlConnectGraphs( rml_graph head_graph,
  rml_graph tail_graph,
  size_t num_connections,
  const char* const* head_outputs,
  const char* const* tail_inputs,
  rml_graph* connected_graph);


Graph Manipulation


Parameter Input/Output Description
head_graph input A graph to be inserted in tail_graph.
tail_graph input A graph with a nodes to be replaced after connection.
num_connections input The number of nodes in head/tail graph to be connected.
head_outputs input A list of nodes in head_graph to be connected.
tail_inputs input A list of nodes in tail_graph where head graph output nodes will be inserted.
connected_graph output Result graph containing tail_graph and head_graph.

Return and Status Codes

Returns a model handle in case of success and status:

To get more details in case of failure, call rmlGetLastError().