Radeon ProRender


Maps the tensor data into the host address and returns a pointer to the mapped region.

rml_status rmlMapTensor( rml_tensor* tensor,
  void** data,
  size_t* size);




Parameter Input/Output Description
tensor input A valid tensor handle.
data output A pointer to a resulting data pointer.
size output A pointer pointer to a resulting size. If not NULL, the referenced size value is set to image size, in bytes.

Return and Status Codes

Returns a data pointer, size (if size is not NULL) in case of success and status:

  • RML_OK if the operation is successful
  • RML_ERROR_BAD_PARAMETER if tensor is invalid or data is NULL

To get more details in case of failure, call rmlGetLastError().

The mapped data must be unmapped with rmlUnmapTensor().