Radeon ProRender


MIOpen can run in 2 different ways.

It can either search for the best convolution algorithm for a given problem size or avoid that search. This mechanism is called auto tuning. By default it is off as it is a costly operation. But an application may want to use for performance reason. See Auto-tuning the kernels.

rml_status rmlSetMIOpenAutoTuningOn( rml_context context,
  rml_bool on);


MIOpen Interoperation


Parameter Input/Output Description
context input A valid context handle.
on input A boolean indicating if the auto tuning state for MIOpen convolution is on.

Return and Status Codes

Returns one of the following status codes:

  • RML_OK if the operation is successful
  • RML_ERROR_BAD_PARAMETER if context is invalid

To get more details in case of failure, call rmlGetLastError().