Radeon ProRender


Sets a command list for interop.

rml_status rmlSetD3DCommandList( rml_context context,
  void* command_list /* ID3D12GraphicsCommandList* */,
  void* command_allocator /* ID3D12CommandAllocator* */);


Direct3D 12 Interoperation


Parameter Input/Output Description
context input A valid context handle.
command_list input A valid D3D12 command list or NULL.
A NULL command list switches to use internal command buffer.
A non-NULL command list are only populated with DirectML commands in the append mode without resetting or running. Client provided non-NULL command list MUST restore its own descriptor heaps and root signature right after rmlInfer() call, because Radeon ML sets own descriptor heaps and own compute root signature during this call.
command_allocator input A memory backing class associated with the specified command list or NULL.

Return and Status Codes

Returns one of the following status codes:

To get more details in case of failure, call rmlGetLastError().