Radeon ProRender


Builds or updates a geometry.

Given geometry description from the client, this function builds acceleration structure topology (in case of a build) or updates acceleration structure keeping topology intact (update) in frames of an allocated geometry buffer.

RRError rrCmdBuildGeometry( RRContext context,
  RRBuildOperation build_operation,
  const RRGeometryBuildInput* build_input,
  const RRBuildOptions* build_options,
  RRDevicePtr temporary_buffer,
  RRDevicePtr geometry_buffer,
  RRCommandStream command_stream);

Applies to

All supported backends


Parameter Input/Output Description
context input RR API context.
build_operation input Type of build operation.
build_input input Describes input primitive to build geometry from.
build_options input Various flags controlling build process.
temporary_buffer input Temporary buffer for build operation.
geometry_buffer output Buffer to put geometry to.
command_stream input Command stream to write command into.


Returns an error in case of a failure, or RR_Success otherwise.