Radeon ProRender


Starts the execution of the command_queue object associated with context. All the filters in queue are not guaranteed to complete execution by the time this function returns. See rifFlushQueue, rifSyncronizeQueue.

rif_int rifContextExecuteCommandQueue( rif_context context,
  rif_command_queue command_queue,
  rif_exec_command_queue_callback executionFinishedCallbackFunction,
  void* data,
  float* time);


Parameter Input/Output Description
context input a valid rif_context object.
command_queue input The pointer to rif_command_queue object to execute.
executionFinishedCallbackFunction input The user callback function which will be called after command queue execution started. executionFinishedCallbackFunction can be nullptr.
data input The user data which will be passed to executionFinishedCallbackFunction.
time input If not nullptr, will activate profiling and will store execution time. Must be initialized to 0 by user.


Returns RIF_SUCCESS if the command queue is executed successfully. Otherwise, it returns one of the following errors.


Possible error codes:

  • RIF_ERROR_INVALID_CONTEXT - context is not a valid context object.
  • RIF_ERROR_INVALID_QUEUE - command_queue is not a valid command queue object.
  • RIF_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR - an internal error occurs. Sends a bug report if such an error occurs.