Radeon ProRender


Gets the image filter parameter information.

rif_int rifParameterGetInfo( rif_image_filter image_filter,
  rif_uint paramIdx,
  rif_parameter_info param_info,
  size_t size,
  void * data,
  size_t * size_ret);


Parameter Input/Output Description
image_filter input A valid image filter object.
paramIdx input An image filter parameter index.
param_info input Parameter information to be requested.
size input Maximum size of parameter information which can be stored in data.
data output The pointer to memory in which parameter information will be stored.
size_ret output The size of the data stored in data.


Query operations usually include two steps:

  1. First, pass data as NULL along with a value for filter_info detailing the information you wish to obtain. This will return the storage requirements for your query data.
  2. Secondly, query with size_ret set to NULL to fill the data buffer with the query data.


Returns RIF_SUCCESS in case of success, or RIF_ERROR code if a problem was encountered.


Possible error codes:

  • RIF_ERROR_INVALID_FILTER — image_filter is not a valid image filter object.
  • RIF_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER — size_ret is nullptr or size_ret is less than the requested image information.
  • RIF_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER_TYPE — param_info type is not supported.