Radeon ProRender


Creates a new context object associated with the specified DirectX11 context.

rif_int rifCreateOpenCLContextSharedWithDirectX11( rif_int api_version,
  void * device,
  rif_char const * cache_path,
  rif_context * out_context);


Parameter Input/Output Description
api_version input The current RadeonImageFilters version.
device input A valid DirectX11 device object.
cache_path input A path to the directory which will contain prebuilt binaries.
out_context output A pointer to the context object which will be created if the function performs successfully.


Returns RIF_SUCCESS if the function is executed successfully, or RIF_ERROR code if a problem is encountered.


Possible error codes:

  • RIF_ERROR_INVALID_API_VERSION — API version is unsupported.
  • RIF_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER — any of device or out_context is nullptr.
  • RIF_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR — an internal error occurs.