Radeon ProRender


Gets the description of the device.


The function rifContextGetDeviceInfo() is deprecated, but in ver. 1.5.4 there is no equivalent for the features it provides. In ver. 1.5.5, users can start using its replacement called rifContextGetInfo().

rif_int rifContextGetDeviceInfo( rif_context context,
  rif_char name[128],
  rif_char vendor[128]);


Parameter Input/Output Description
context input A valid context object.
name[128] output A string which receives the device name. The name needs to be a 128 char array.
vendor[128] output A string which receives the vendor name. The vendor needs to be a 128 char array.


Returns RIF_SUCCESS if the function is executed successfully, or RIF_ERROR code if a problem is encountered.


Possible error codes:

  • RIF_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER — name or vendor is nullptr.
  • RIF_ERROR_INVALID_CONTEXT — getting of the device info failed.