Radeon ProRender


Used to set the integer 16-component vector parameter values for a specified parameter of the filter.

rif_int rifImageFilterSetParameter16i( rif_image_filter image_filter,
  rif_char const * name,
  rif_int * val);


Parameter Input/Output Description
image_filter input A valid image filter object.
name input The name of the filter parameter for which the value will be changed.
val input An array with 16 integer values of the vector parameter.


Returns RIF_SUCCESS in case of success, or RIF_ERROR code if a problem was encountered.


Possible error codes:

  • RIF_ERROR_INVALID_FILTER — image_filter is not a valid image filter object.
  • RIF_ERROR_INVALID_FILTER_ARGUMENT_NAME — a parameter with the specified name is not associated with this type of filter.
  • RIF_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER_TYPE — the specified filter parameter is not of type 16-component integer vector.