Radeon ProRender

Environment Settings

Environment lighting simulates light coming from a dome or infinitely large sphere surrounding the scene. It is a quick and easy way to set the scene’s background and add ambient light illuminating objects in the scene.

AMD Radeon ProRender offers two options for environment lighting:

Environment Light Setup

To set up environment lighting in the scene:

  1. Make sure that AMD Radeon ProRender is set as the active render engine in Blender.

    For details, see Switching to Radeon ProRender for Blender.

  2. In the Blender Properties editor, switch to the World tab.

  3. Environment light is enabled by default. If it is not, select the Environment Light check box.

  4. Expand the Environment Light panel, choose the necessary lighting option (IBL or Sun & Sky), and specify lighting settings described later in this section.