Radeon ProRender


Regular Smoke

The Principled Volume shader is supported for volumetric effects rendering.

Unsupported sockets:

  • Color Attribute
  • Density Attribute
  • Temperature attribute

To make the smoke/flame glow, the Emission Strength or Blackbody Intensity value should be greater than 0. Blackbody is used if Emission Strength is 0, in this case the temperature will be converted to color in the same way as it is done in the Blackbody shader node.

A Volume material can be assigned to a smoke domain object:

Volume on Mesh Objects

A similar Volume material can be put onto the mesh object:

Using OpenVDB Smoke Volumes

In Blender version 2.83, OpenVDB objects have been added.

Smoke OpenVDB objects rendering is supported by Radeon ProRender. On such objects, the two more fields of the Principled Volume shader are supported:

  • Density Attribute value is used as a name for the density grid. If no such grid is found, the default ‘density’ is used.
  • Temperature Attribute is used as a name of the temperature grid. If no such grid is found, the ‘temperature’ grid name is used. If none is found, the ‘density’ is used instead.