Radeon ProRender

Conversion of Redshift Nodes

This section describes the conversion support of Redshift nodes listing convertible nodes, inconvertible nodes and partially convertible nodes that yield only approximate results.


Node Conversion support
RSEnvironment Convertible


Node Conversion support
RSBokeh Not convertible
RSLensDistortion Not convertible
RSPhotographicExposure Partially convertible


Node Conversion support
RSDomeLight Convertible
RSIESLight Convertible
RSLightGobo Not convertible
RSPhysicalLight Partially convertible
RSPhysicalSun Partially convertible
RSPortalLight Partially convertible
RSSkyAndSun Partially convertible


Node Conversion support
RSArchitectural Convertible
RSCarPaint Partially convertible
RSHair Not convertible
RSincandescent Convertible
RSMaterial Partially convertible
RSMaterialBlender Partially convertible
RSMatteShadowCatcher Partially convertible
RSShaderSwitch Not convertible
RSSkin Convertible
RSSprite Convertible
RSSubsurfaceScatter Convertible

Physical Sky

Node Conversion support
RSPhysicalSky Partially convertible


Node Conversion support
RSAmbientOcclusion Partially convertible
RSAttributeLookUp Not convertible
RSBumpBlender Partially convertible
RSBumpMap Convertible
RSCameraMap Not convertible
RSColorCorrection Not convertible
RSColorLayer Partially convertible
RSCurvature Not convertible
RSDisplacement Partially convertible
RsDisplacementBlender Convertible
RSFresnel Convertible
RSHairPosition Not convertible
RSHairRandomColor Not convertible
RSNoise Not convertible
RSNormalMap Convertible
RSRaySwitch Not convertible
RSRoundCorners Not convertible
RSShave Not convertible
RSState Not convertible
RSStoreColorToAOV Not convertible
RSStoreIntegerToAOV Not convertible
RSStoreScalarToAOV Not convertible
RSTriPlanar Not convertible
RSUserDataColor Not convertible
RSUserDataInteger Not convertible
RSUserDataScalar Not convertible
RSUserDataVector Not convertible
RSVertexColor Not convertible
RSWireFrame Not convertible

Volume Scattering

Node Conversion support
RSVolume Not convertible
RSVolumeScattering Partially convertible