Radeon ProRender

Bilateral Filter

Bilateral is a noise reducing filter that blends neighboring pixels while preserving sharp edges.

The filter works by replacing each pixel with a weighted average of its neighbors. The weighted average is calculated based on several factors, such as pixel color similarity, spatial proximity and normal differences. This ensures that only similar pixels contribute to the resulting color, which makes it possible to produce high-quality smoothing without blurring object contours.

The bilateral filter is the least resource-intensive denoiser filter in terms of time and computational resources.

No denoiser

Radius: 1

Radius: 5

Download the above scene (mb.zip)


The Radius parameter controls the area within which similar neighboring pixels will be found.

The parameter defines the area radius in pixels, and supports values from 1 to 50. Greater values give a wider pixel comparison area, which yields a more blurry and smoother effect but requires more resources and time to calculate the resulting pixel color.