Radeon ProRender

Camera Settings

For camera effects, AMD Radeon ProRender supports the following standard camera settings in Maya.

Camera Attributes

Supported camera attributes in Maya include:

For details, see the corresponding sections in the Maya documentation.

Focal length: 15

Focal length: 35

Focal length: 60

Download the above scene (mb.zip)

Film Back

Supported film back properties in Maya include:

  • Camera aperture
  • Film gate
  • Film aspect ratio
  • Film offset

For details, see the Film Back Properties section in the Maya documentation.

Film gate: default

Film gate: 35mm 1.85 Projection

Film gate: 35mm Academy

Download the above scene (mb.zip)

Depth of Field

Supported depth of field properties in Maya include:

  • Focus distance
  • F-stop

For details, see the Adjust depth of field section in the Maya documentation.

Focus distance: 20, F-stop: 30

Focus distance: 20, F-stop: 5

Focus distance: 48, F-stop: 15

Download the above scene (mb.zip)