Radeon ProRender

Adaptive Sampling

Adaptive sampling is a feature which allows you to reduce computing time on framebuffer’s areas that converge faster.


  1. Attach a Variance AOV to this Context:

    rpr_framebuffer framebufferVariance = nullptr;
    rprContextCreateFrameBuffer(context_, fmt, &desc, &framebufferVariance);
    rprContextSetAOV(context_, RPR_AOV_VARIANCE, framebufferVariance);
  2. Set the following parameters:

    // Size of the sampling area in pixels – recommended: [4, 16]
    // Minimum number of samples per pixel before activating Adaptive sampling
    // Recommended to set 10 or more
    // Tolerance of the Adaptive Sampler
    // Between 0 and 1
    // Lower value means better quality final image