Radeon ProRender

Camera Setup

Creating a camera is fairly simple in RPR.

Simply create a camera, set its location and direction with rprCameraLookAt(). Please note that in this example we do not specify a camera type, so it defaults to perspective.

An RPR context can have several cameras. The camera attached to the scene with rprSceneSetCamera() will be used for the actual rendering.

// Create a camera
rpr_camera camera = nullptr;
	CHECK(rprContextCreateCamera(context, &camera));

	// Position the camera in world space: 
	// The camera position is (0,5,20)
	// The camera is aimed at (0,0,0)
	// The camera up vector is (0,1,0)
	CHECK(rprCameraLookAt(camera, 0, 5, 20,    0,0, 0,    0, 1, 0));

	// Optional: change the Focal Lenght. Increasing this value creates a "zoom" effect.
	CHECK(rprCameraSetFocalLength(camera, 75.f));

	// Set a camera for the scene
	CHECK(rprSceneSetCamera(scene, camera));

Example of creating a camera can be seen in the Basic Scene demo.