Radeon ProRender

Common Render Settings

The Common parameters are used to describe the render output.

For the most part, these parameters work exactly in the same way as the Common parameters for the render engines which come with Maya. For a detailed description, see Render Settings: Common tab in the Maya documentation.

Note that AMD Radeon ProRender supports its own set of output image formats, and offers additional settings for some of these formats. The following is a description of such custom settings.

EXR Output

For EXR output, AMD Radeon ProRender supports an option to Save All AOVs to Multilayer OpenEXR.

  • With this option enabled, all rendered AOVs are saved to a single EXR file.
  • When this option is disabled, each AOV is saved to an EXR file which resides in its own subfolder with the same name as the corresponding AOV.