Radeon ProRender

Shader Nodes

Instead of relying on a single shader, a material network that uses multiple shader nodes is often built. To make the artist’s life easier and keep the learning curve to a minimum, AMD Radeon ProRender supports numerous shader nodes available in Blender, and complements those with its own nodes.

For your convenience, the nodes are organized in the Add menu in the Shader Editor. The menu includes the most popular Blender nodes supported by AMD Radeon ProRender and RPR nodes to help you create the materials you need. You can also use search to find the nodes you require.

RPR Nodes

Node Group Description
RPR Layered Shader Shader Blends a user-defined number of materials.
RPR Layered Texture Texture Blends a user-defined number of textures.
RPR Lookup Input Provides information about the position and orientation of each point of the surface that is being sampled (normal angle, incident angle).
RPR Math Converter Performs shading math operations (add, multiply, dot, etc.).
RPR Passthrough Shader A simple color BSDF node.
RPR Procedural UV Input A procedural UV projection node.
RPR Toon Shader Enables cartoon-style shading for a non-photorealistic look. Toon shaders can be used in a ‘simple’ mode for just setting a color or a gradient of different colors for shadow versus lit areas of the object.
RPR Uber Shader A complex material that combines several inputs to generate one large shader, alleviating the need to group many shader nodes together. For details, see the Uber Shader and Using Uber Shader in Blender sections in the documentation.

Support for Blender Nodes

AMD Radeon ProRender supports all of the Blender nodes available in the Add menu, with a number of exceptions described below.

Node Group Not Supported
Geometry Input

The following outputs are not supported:

  • Tangent
  • True Normal
  • Parametric
  • Backfacing
  • Pointiness
Image Texture Texture

The following options are not supported:

  • All interpolation options except Linear
  • All projection options except Flat and Box
MixRGB Color

The following blend types are not supported:

  • Saturation
  • Hue
  • Linear Light
  • Soft Light
  • Overlay
  • Dodge
  • Screen
  • Lighten
  • Burn
Normal Map Vector

Not supported:

  • UV Map property
  • Tangent Space mode
Texture Coordinate Input

Not supported:

  • Camera
  • Window
  • Reflection
  • Generated (uses UV instead)
  • The Object mode is not supported. When this mode is selected, RPR uses the Position mode (see the Geometry node).
Principled Volume Shader

Not supported:

  • Anisotropy
Hair BSDF Shader

The following inputs are not supported:

  • Tangent
Voronoi Shader

Supports only:

  • Dimensions: 2D and 3D
  • Features: F1
  • Distance: Euclidian