Radeon ProRender

Shading Notes and Tips

To achieve the best results with your render outputs, keep the following notes and tips in mind.

Color Space for Image Textures

When working with the Image Texture node, make sure you define the proper color space settings. Follow Blender recommendations and set the color space to sRGB or similar for textures with color data. For textures that store data other than color (like bump maps), set the color space to Non-Color.

Using Multiple UVs

AMD Radeon ProRender supports up to two UV maps per material.

To instruct AMD Radeon ProRender which UV maps to use, follow these steps:

  1. Select an object in the scene.

  2. In the Properties Editor, open the Object Data tab and expand the UV Maps > RPR UV Maps panel.

  3. In the RPR UV Maps panel, choose the UV maps to use.

    The Primary map is automatically set to the Active UV Map in Blender. The Secondary map is defined by the user and can be any option in the UV Maps list.

UV maps not listed in the RPR UV Maps panel cannot be used as an input when a material is rendered.