Radeon ProRender

Disk Light

Disk light simulates a physically accurate 2D circular light source. This type of light is only available if you use the RPR2 render engine.

Download the above scene (.zip)

In addition to common light properties, there are custom properties applied to disk lights only. You can find them in the Disk Light section of the RPRPhysicalLightShape tab.


The Radius parameter controls the radius of the disk. Note that increasing the radius of a sphere light makes the shadows softer.

Radius: 0.1

Radius: 0.2

Radius: 0.5


The Angle parameter controls the area a disk light covers. A narrower angle produces a smaller light area, while a wider angle yields a broader area.

The parameter value is an angle between 0 and 179 degrees. Note that 179 degrees is a soft limit; you can increase this limit by typing a greater value in the input field.

Angle: 5

Angle: 15

Angle: 20