Radeon ProRender

Production Render

The final goal of physically-based rendering is producing a realistic full-quality image.

In AMD Radeon ProRender, the final render is done in the Render View window. To open it and start rendering, do one of the following:

  • From the main menu, select Radeon ProRender > Render > Start a Production Render.
  • Use the standard Maya menus as described in the Render View section in Maya documentation.

Download the above scene (mb.zip)

Render Quality

The quality of the final render can be adjusted using the Quality and Sampling settings. For detailed explanation of these settings and how they can affect the final output, refer to the corresponding sections of the documentation.

Render Output

To control the render output, AMD Radeon ProRender supports a set of file output settings. For details, see the Common Settings section in the documentation.

Render Passes

Along with the output image, you can render additional outputs for compositing. For details, see the Render Passes section in the documentation.

Render Stamp

You can optionally display a render stamp on the output image. For details on enabling the render stamp and details that can be included with it, see the Render Stamp section in the documentation.

Render Progress

Information about the rendering progress is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the Render View window. Progress details are standard for Maya and include the image dimensions, zoom details, frame number, elapsed render time, and the camera used.

Once the rendering is completed, the status bar displays details of the image dimensions, zoom details, elapsed render time, and the number of iterations.