Radeon ProRender

Render Stamp

The render stamp is a text string that appears in the bottom right corner of the rendered image. It provides a convenient way to include reference information that you might find useful, such as the time taken to complete the rendering process, the hardware device used, etc.

By default, the render stamp is not displayed. To show the stamp on the rendered image, select the Use check box and specify a text string to be included. To reset the render stamp to its default value, click R next to the stamp field.

AMD Radeon ProRender allows you to include arbitrary text in the render stamp. To make the stamp more descriptive and beneficial, you can use the following variables (beginning with the % symbol). To display a prompt for variables that can be used with the render stamp, click ? next to the stamp field.

  • %pt – performance time (time taken to render the image)
  • %pp – performance samples
  • %sl – number of lights in the scene
  • %so – number of objects in the scene
  • %i — computer name
  • %c – CPU used for rendering
  • %g – GPU used for rendering
  • %h – hardware used for rendering
  • %r – rendering mode (CPU, GPU, CPU + GPU)
  • %d – render date and time
  • %b – AMD Radeon ProRender version number

An example of the default stamp is shown below.


Download the above scene (mb.zip)