Radeon ProRender

Contour Rendering

Contour rendering allows you to render outlines of 3D objects. A contour image represents a simplified, cartoon-like black and white scene. Artists can use contours to produce non-photorealistic style renders with the hand-drawn outline effect.

To detect contours, AMD Radeon ProRender relies on information retrieved from render passes - Object ID, Material Index and Shading Normal. Contour rendering is controlled with a set of options.

Line Width

Sets the width of the contour line in pixels.

Normal Threshold

The parameter manages continuity of the surface based on an angular value and defines whether edges should appear soft or hard. Increasing the value results in more acute faces, while decreasing it removes faceted faces and smoothes the surface.


Antialiasing is applied to smooth rendered contours. You can use it to better emulate the hand-drawn effect.