Radeon ProRender



Information to retrieve on an rpr_shape object.

Possible Values

Name Value Brief Explanation
RPR_SHAPE_TYPE 0x401 Instance or rpr_mesh.
RPR_SHAPE_VIDMEM_USAGE 0x402 VRAM usage of this object.
RPR_SHAPE_TRANSFORM 0x403 4x4 transform matrix.
RPR_SHAPE_MATERIAL 0x404 Material attached.
RPR_SHAPE_LINEAR_MOTION 0x405 Linear motion amount.
RPR_SHAPE_ANGULAR_MOTION 0x406 Angular (rotation) motion amount.
RPR_SHAPE_SHADOW_FLAG 0x408 If this rpr_shape casts shadows.
RPR_SHAPE_SUBDIVISION_FACTOR 0x409 Number of times to subdivide this rpr_shape.
RPR_SHAPE_DISPLACEMENT_SCALE 0x40A Scaling for displacement.
RPR_SHAPE_VISIBILITY_PRIMARY_ONLY_FLAG 0x40C Visible only to primary (camera rays).
RPR_SHAPE_SHADOW_CATCHER_FLAG 0x40E If this object is a shadow catcher.
RPR_SHAPE_VOLUME_MATERIAL 0x40F Volume material attached.
RPR_SHAPE_SUBDIVISION_CREASEWEIGHT 0x411 Weight for creases in subdivs.
RPR_SHAPE_SUBDIVISION_BOUNDARYINTEROP 0x412 Boundary behavior for subdivision.
RPR_SHAPE_DISPLACEMENT_MATERIAL 0x413 Displacement material attached.
RPR_SHAPE_MATERIALS_PER_FACE 0x415 Whether each face has a different material.
RPR_SHAPE_SCALE_MOTION 0x416 Motion from scaling.
RPR_SHAPE_HETERO_VOLUME 0x417 rpr_heterovolume attached to the shape.
RPR_SHAPE_LAYER_MASK 0x418 Bit mask of this object on the scene.
RPR_SHAPE_VISIBILITY_SHADOW 0x41A Visibility to shadow rays.
RPR_SHAPE_VISIBILITY_REFLECTION 0x41B Visibility to reflection rays.
RPR_SHAPE_VISIBILITY_REFRACTION 0x41C Visibility to refraction rays.
RPR_SHAPE_VISIBILITY_TRANSPARENT 0x41D Visibility to transparent objects.
RPR_SHAPE_VISIBILITY_DIFFUSE 0x41E Visibility to diffuse rays.
RPR_SHAPE_VISIBILITY_GLOSSY_REFLECTION 0x41F Visibility to glossy reflection rays.
RPR_SHAPE_VISIBILITY_GLOSSY_REFRACTION 0x420 Visibility to glossy refraction rays.
RPR_SHAPE_VISIBILITY_LIGHT 0x421 Visibility to lights.
RPR_SHAPE_LIGHT_GROUP_ID 0x422 Light group ID (only relevant on emissive objects).
RPR_SHAPE_STATIC 0x423 Whether the shape is static or in motion.
RPR_SHAPE_PER_VERTEX_VALUE0 0x424 Whether the shape has a vertex value assigned in this slot.
RPR_SHAPE_PER_VERTEX_VALUE1 0x425 Whether the shape has a vertex value assigned in this slot.
RPR_SHAPE_PER_VERTEX_VALUE2 0x426 Whether the shape has a vertex value assigned in this slot.
RPR_SHAPE_PER_VERTEX_VALUE3 0x427 Whether the shape has a vertex value assigned in this slot.
RPR_SHAPE_REFLECTION_CATCHER_FLAG 0x428 Whether the object is a reflection catcher.
RPR_SHAPE_OBJECT_ID 0x429 Object ID off the object.
RPR_SHAPE_SUBDIVISION_AUTO_RATIO_CAP 0x42A A minimum value to subdivide to, in pixel size.
RPR_SHAPE_MOTION_TRANSFORMS_COUNT 0x42B Number of motion samples.
RPR_SHAPE_MOTION_TRANSFORMS 0x42C List of transform matrices for motion samples.
RPR_SHAPE_CONTOUR_IGNORE 0x42D Boolean if the object should be ignored for contour rendering.
RPR_SHAPE_RENDER_LAYER_LIST 0x42E List of render layers the shape is visible in.
RPR_SHAPE_NAME RPR_OBJECT_NAME Custom name set with rprObjectSetName().
RPR_SHAPE_CUSTOM_PTR RPR_OBJECT_CUSTOM_PTR Custom pointer, if set on this object.