Radeon ProRender



Information to retrieve on an rpr_camera object.

Possible Values

Name Value Brief Explanation
RPR_CAMERA_TRANSFORM 0x201 4x4 matrix transform of camera.
RPR_CAMERA_FSTOP 0x202 Camera fstop for depth of field.
RPR_CAMERA_APERTURE_BLADES 0x203 Number of aperture blades (effects shape of bokeh on DOF).
RPR_CAMERA_RESPONSE 0x204 Sensor sensitivity (ISO).
RPR_CAMERA_EXPOSURE 0x205 Controls brightness of resulting image.
RPR_CAMERA_FOCAL_LENGTH 0x206 Focal length of virtual lens. This controls the field of view of the perspective camera.
RPR_CAMERA_SENSOR_SIZE 0x207 Sensor size.
RPR_CAMERA_MODE 0x208 Orthographic or Perspective mode as well as other options for advanced camera modes.
RPR_CAMERA_ORTHO_WIDTH 0x209 Width if orthographic mode.
RPR_CAMERA_ORTHO_HEIGHT 0x20A Height if orthographic mode.
RPR_CAMERA_FOCUS_DISTANCE 0x20B Focus Distance. This controls what distance objects are in focus.
RPR_CAMERA_POSITION 0x20C Position setting (part of transform).
RPR_CAMERA_LOOKAT 0x20D Lookat setting (z direction for camera).
RPR_CAMERA_UP 0x20E Up setting (Y direction of camera).
RPR_CAMERA_FOCAL_TILT 0x20F Focal tilt setting for tilt shift effect.
RPR_CAMERA_LENS_SHIFT 0x210 Lens shift setting for tilt shift effect.
RPR_CAMERA_IPD 0x211 Interpupilary distance for stereoscopic effects (more distance means more stereo effect).
RPR_CAMERA_TILT_CORRECTION 0x212 Tilt correction for tile shift effect.
RPR_CAMERA_NEAR_PLANE 0x213 Near clipping plane (in z depth).
RPR_CAMERA_FAR_PLANE 0x214 Far clipping plane (in z depth).
RPR_CAMERA_LINEAR_MOTION 0x215 Motion blur for camera linear motion.
RPR_CAMERA_ANGULAR_MOTION 0x216 Motion blur for camera twisting motion.
RPR_CAMERA_NAME RPR_OBJECT_NAME Custom name set with rprObjectSetName().
RPR_CAMERA_CUSTOM_PTR RPR_OBJECT_CUSTOM_PTR Custom pointer, if set on this object.