Radeon ProRender


Sets motion transform for the camera.

For Motion effect, set the transform of camera at different time index.

rpr_status rprCameraSetMotionTransformCount( rpr_camera camera,
  rpr_bool transpose,
  rpr_float const * transform,
  rpr_uint timeIndex);


Parameter Description
camera The camera to set motion transform for.
transpose Array of 16 rpr_float values (row-major form). Set to TRUE to transpose the transform matrices.
transform An array of 16 rpr_float values (row-major form).
timeIndex Camera position at camera exposure = 1.0. For the moment, in the Nortstar plugin only timeIndex = 1 is implemented.


You must also call rprCameraSetMotionTransformCount(), to define the number of indices to use.


Returns RPR_SUCCESS in case of success, or RPR_ERROR code if a problem was encountered.

To learn how to handle errors in AMD Radeon ProRender SDK, see Error Handling.