Radeon ProRender


Sets the exposure time for a camera.

rpr_status rprCameraSetExposure( rpr_camera camera,
  rpr_float exposure);


Parameter Description
camera The camera to set exposure time for.
exposure Represents a time length in the same time scale as rprShapeSetLinearMotion() and rprCameraSetAngularMotion() do.
When calculating the camera’s motion, motion is multiplied by exposure.
Example: rprShapeSetLinearMotion(shapeA,3,0,0) means that shapeA is translated by +3 spatial units. rprCameraSetExposure(cam,2) means the rendering with shapeA moved by +6 spatial units. In the above example, translation of shapeA by +3 spatial units, multiplied by 2, results in the mesh being moved by 6 spatial units.


Only has an effect if DOF or Motion Blur is enabled.


Returns RPR_SUCCESS in case of success, or RPR_ERROR code if a problem was encountered.

To learn how to handle errors in AMD Radeon ProRender SDK, see Error Handling.


Possible error codes: