Radeon ProRender


Sets a heterogeneous volume grid object for scattering light to an object.

Normally is used for fog, clouds, etc. Shape objects that have heterogeneous volumes attached as a rule use transparent shaders attached to the actual shape to allow the interior volume to be visible.

rpr_status rprShapeSetHeteroVolume( rpr_shape shape,
  rpr_hetero_volume heteroVolume);


Parameter Description
shape The shape to set a heterogeneous volume grid object for.
heteroVolume The heterogeneous volume to set.


A heterogeneous volume must be attached to a shape before attaching to the scene (and the shape must be attached as well).


Returns RPR_SUCCESS in case of success, or RPR_ERROR code if a problem was encountered.

To learn how to handle errors in AMD Radeon ProRender SDK, see Error Handling.