Radeon ProRender



Refractive surfaces with roughness and anisotropy. Adds direction to distribution of roughness for refactive surfaces. For example frosted glass with brushed patterns.


Input Name Type and Range Brief Explanation
RPR_MATERIAL_INPUT_COLOR color Color Refraction color. White is perfectly transparent.
RPR_MATERIAL_INPUT_NORMAL normal Vector Normal direction used for shading.
RPR_MATERIAL_INPUT_IOR ior Float Index of refraction, usually 1-5.
RPR_MATERIAL_INPUT_ROUGHNESS roughness Float 0-1 Refraction roughness.
RPR_MATERIAL_INPUT_ANISOTROPIC anisotropic Float -1 to 1 Anisotropy amount, forwards or backwards.
RPR_MATERIAL_INPUT_ROTATION rotation Float in radian Rotation of anisotropy around UV direction.