Radeon ProRender

Sun Light

Sun light simulates an infinitely distant light source that emits parallel light rays in one direction. Since the light source has no actual origin, the light rays are cast with the constant intensity and with no light falloff.

The only essential characteristic for the sun light is its direction. The position of the light source or placement of objects in the scene is irrelevant, and does not affect the direction of shadows.

Sun light can be used for uniform daylight illumination of an entire scene, either interior or exterior.

Download the above scene (.blend)

The intensity of sun light can be measured in Luminance or Radiance. For details on the group, color and intensity controls, see the Common Light Properties section.

In addition to common light properties, there are custom properties applied to sun lights only.

Shadow Softness

The Shadow Softness parameter controls the strength or density of sunlight shadows, and supports values from 0 to 1. Smaller values yield sharper and darker shadows, while greater values produce lighter shadows with soft edges.

Shadow softness: 0

Shadow softness: 0.25

Shadow softness: 0.5

Download the above scene (.blend)